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CCW Values

CCW Values

Know His Word

We’ve always loved the Bible, but in the last few years we’ve become consumed by this simple idea: reading individual books of the Bible intensively, repeatedly, and along with others, optimizes learning for both personal and group transformation. We also encourage reading the Bible privately. Certain techniques and tools have been helpful for the regular intake of God’s word. We love to share these ideas since life comes from the word of God when made clear to us by the Spirit of God. We make it our priority to know His word ourselves and to model what a consistent and vigorous approach to the Bible looks like in the life of a believer.

Follow His Son

Jesus said that he did nothing of His own initiative. What He saw the Father doing is what He did and what He heard from the Father is what He said. Because Jesus, though God, lived as the perfect Man, we have not only One who redeems us, but also the example for every virtue. Similar to the way Christ listened to the Father, we are to listen to the Son (Heb 1:1). God does not normally reveal His will by directly speaking to us, but rather through His written word. For this reason, we must listen to the Son and follow Him as we meditate on His word. The word of Christ includes not only the exact quotes from Him, but all His prophets and apostles wrote as well. Christ said that even the Old Testament spoke of Him. After He was raised, He told the original apostles, “Teach them to observe all that I have taught you.” To listen to the Son is to obey His word.

Expect His Provision

From the inception of CCW, we have looked to the Lord alone for His support in the work that we do. We offer our services as freely as they were given to us. We’ve seen God provide all we have needed, both personally and as a ministry, without soliciting for funds even one time. We’ve never written a letter or talked to any person about helping us—God alone has supplied for all our needs. Often in surprising ways, God sends what is needed to carry on our work. We believe God will continue to supply, sometimes at the last moment, for all we need. The article, “Life of Trust,” explains this further.

Speak His Gospel

We care about evangelism and have attempted to consistently communicate the truth to unbelievers. At the heart of our passion is a concern for an accurate understanding of the gospel and the biblical methods God encourages. We’ve written and distributed a variety of evangelistic materials and aids to biblical evangelism so that believers can be stimulated to speak to others about Christ.

Train His Leaders

We spend much of our time with leaders who influence others. For instance, we conduct Bible Intensive Retreats for pastors, missionaries, Bible students and other types of church leaders so that they can soak in God’s word for many hours together. We’re often on the phone with leaders, working through church issues with them. Also, we speak at conferences and fraternals for Christian leaders in the States and internationally. CCW has always sought to befriend those who communicate God’s word, doing all that we can to encourage them and to enhance their labors for the churches.

Teach His People

CCW attempts to provide resources for the people of God. We also speak at various churches and conferences around the country and internationally in an attempt to strengthen believers. We don’t care whether the venue is large or small. We believe God has called us to sacrifice our lives for the people of God. For this reason we travel far and wide to share truths that God has taught us from His word and to motivate Christ’s people to follow Him more carefully and accurately. Through The Muller Center for Biblical Studies we carry on in-depth Bible courses on a semester system, as well as other Bible-based teaching. Also, CCW’s leaders are active in mentoring others and seek to encourage this critical ministry in the churches.