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I used to watch my dad brand cattle. I still remember the awful smell. The bovines would wail at the momentary pain, and the smoke from singed hair and burnt cowhide would rise into the afternoon sun. One by one … Continue reading

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If you are having a great day today, someone else is living in new or continuing tragedy. If you can do nothing but cry, someone else cannot stop laughing. If you are experiencing freedom, someone else is enslaved. If your … Continue reading

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Mankind has exchanged the truth of God for a lie and seems happy about it. Singing foolish songs like, “Cheers all around and love and smiles too, because we all make it to Heaven no matter what we do!” Worse … Continue reading

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Christ came first to take away sin but when He comes next He will take away men—some to eternal darkness and some to life—some to healing and some to strife. What have you done with His sacrifice? Is it tucked … Continue reading

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Sometimes the hope of Christmas is, “Next year all our troubles will be miles away.” That’s what the song says anyway, but many will not have a merry Christmas just because of that. They know it is not true. Many … Continue reading

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(For reading aloud) What did it mean for the eternal Son to descend and enter into the history of men? The human brain cannot completely conceive the nature of His humility. Glory to dust, eternal to earth, all the while … Continue reading

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Consider the formula: Giving up rights = Gospel advancement Paul’s main method of evangelistic ministry included giving up his rights. He did not fight for his liberty, but purposed to live and speak so as to give no offense to … Continue reading

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If God works all things according to the good of those who love Him, why do some believers suffer and die? It is helpful to remember when answering hard questions like this that it is always gain for a Christian … Continue reading

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