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Bible ABCs

Our friend Karen Eppler designed the rebus Bible verse memory system below to use in teaching multi-age children’s classes. We think her program is great, and a wonderful aid to children’s Bible teachers and parents. You’ll find three types of files below. Click on the scripture reference for the rebus in .pdf format for Adobe Reader. Click the next link to download the audio file of the song for each verse with lyrics, or click the third link in each box for the instrumental music alone.

LETTER Verse PDF Music with Lyrics Instrumental Music
A Isaiah 53:6
B Acts 16:31
C Ephesians 6:1-3
D James 4:8
E Proverbs 20:11
F Philippians 4:8
G Psalm 46:1
H Mark 13:31
I Psalm 32:8
J Hebrews 3:18
K Psalm 34:13
L Romans 12:9
M John 10:27
N Jude 24-25
O Psalm 118:1
P Ephesians 6:11
Q I Thess. 5:19, 21, 22
R Ecclesiasties 12:1
S Romans 10:17
T Proverbs 3:5-6
U Proverbs 16:22
V  John 6:47
W I John 4:19
X Psalm 26:2
Y Matthew 5:14
Z Romans 12:11