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Jim Elliff

Jim Elliff is founder and president of Christian Communicators Worldwide (CCW). For nearly twenty years prior to the beginning of CCW, he served as teaching pastor or on the pastoral staff of churches in Florida, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. Since … Continue reading

Steve Burchett

Steve is a speaker, writer, and editorial assistant for Christian Communicators Worldwide. He thoroughly enjoys communicating the Bible at retreats, conferences, and pastors’ meetings of various denominations. In addition, Steve loves to teach through writing. He is a co-author of … Continue reading

Kole Farney

Kole Farney is a writer, speaker and assistant to Jim Elliff at Christian Communicators Worldwide. He is one of six pastors of Christ Fellowship of Kansas City, a network of congregations that meet primarily in homes in the Kansas City … Continue reading

Selamab Assefa

Selamab was born in a small Ethiopian town known as Ambo. When he was only two, his parents moved to another town due to intense persecution against them for professing faith in Christ. He was educated in Hosanna until the … Continue reading

Bryan Elliff

Bryan is the second son of Jim Elliff. He currently lives in Kansas City with his wife, Joey. Bryan was converted at 15 years of age and began to discover his love for teaching the Bible in high school when … Continue reading