A Way to Engage the Church in Practical Ministry Through Deacons

A Way to Engage the Church in Practical Ministry Through Deacons

Deacons may be used to serve the elders and the church by leading ministry groups (M.G.), which are action groups designed to carry out practical functions in the body. Deacons may be assigned to a group and to an elder. In this way, when decisions are made by the elders, an individual elder may call on his deacon(s) who will in turn lead the ministry group to act.

Elder               Elder               Elder               Elder               Elder
 Deacon            Deacon          Deacon            Deacon           Deacon
   M.G.                  M.G.                  M.G.               M.G.                  M.G. 

A Sampling of Ministry Groups to Consider

Reception Ministry Group

  1. Warmly greet members and guests when they come into the building.
  2. Supply name tags for members and guests.
  3. Make sure guests sign the guest register in lobby.
  4. Introduce guests to one or two members and encourage discussion.
  5. Supply guests and members with new information sheets.
  6. Meet people in lot with umbrellas when raining.
  7. Instruct guests on building layout. Escort them to rooms as needed.
  8. Arrange for guests to have meals or dessert in homes of members.


Hospitality Ministry Group

  1. Coordinate church-wide meals.
  2. Arrange details of church-wide activities as assigned.
  3. Manage the quarterly friendship groups (three families plus one or two singles rotating to one of their homes once a quarter for a meal or dessert).
  4. Care for shut-ins by offering some form of hospitality meal with them in their homes.


Media Ministry Group

  1. Run the sound for our meetings and coordinate use of all other audiovisual equipment.
  2. Establish a tape ministry.
  3. Staff and manage the church library.
  4. Staff and manage the church book room (book choices will be made by the elders).
  5. Carry out details for publication and distribution of any community awareness materials given by the elders.
  6. Purchase new media equipment. Recommendations made to the elders precede purchases.


Accounting Ministry Group

  1. Post contributions and deliver funds to the bank.
  2. Inform the elders monthly of financial picture.
  3. Send out understandable financial statements to the people as directed by the elders.
  4. Fill out forms related to church accounts and writing checks.
  5. Gather information as needed during budget time for the use of the elders.
  6. Advise elders as needed on the current financial situation.


Property and Maintenance Group

  1. Purchase, perform upkeep, and maintain our church building and equipment. Recommendations must be sent to the elders in purchases over $200 or outside of budget allotment.
  2. Keep the church grounds.
  3. Oversee custodial work and any other grounds- or building-related professional assistance.
  4. Coordinate church work days.


Preschool and Nursery Ministry Group

  1. Manage the volunteer nursery and preschool workers for church services.
  2. Remind volunteers of their Sunday responsibilities by mail each week.
  3. Coordinate the Bible Study period for nursery and preschool.
  4. Manage all supplies for the nursery and preschool.


Ordinance Ministry Group

  1. Prepare all materials for the taking of the Lord’s supper.
  2. Prepare for baptism (including robe cleaning, etc.) and assisting those baptized.

It is best to prepare the people for serving on ministry groups by doing the following:

  • Communicate about the various ministry groups being offered by spelling out the responsibilities of each group, as noted above.
  • Ask the people to pray about how they can serve.
  • If possible, preach on service, or at least take some time as pastors to encourage your people to serve in practical ways.
  • Pass out a card on a Sunday morning asking for a response.

The card will allow people of age to check from one to three possible choices according to their gifts, talents, or desires. The elders will pick one of those areas of service from among their choices. In other words, each person will be assigned to only one practical ministry group after the elders review their cards.