What It Takes to Get a CCW Book to You

What It Takes to Get a CCW Book to You

CCW offers several books and other items as part of our ministry. This is only a small part of what we do, but an important one. We want you to know what it takes to get a book to you.

Life Experience and Bible Knowledge

How long did it take you to write this book?” Answer: “A lifetime.” There is truth in that worn-out answer. The authors at CCW have their lives behind their writing. In a sense, preparation for writing has been going on a long time for each book that is written.


Praying is part of the process all the way through, as you might imagine. We only want to do this if God wants it. Otherwise the process is going to be a waste of time and money that could be better spent other ways.


CCW does not publish a book until the printing money is in hand. We do not wish to presume upon God concerning any aspect of our work. Therefore, we wait on God until the thousands of dollars necessary for a new book comes in. Since we keep accounts directly related to the book being published, usually each book builds up the funds needed for reprinting, once the initial cost is provided by God.


The writing process is sometimes very tedious and can cover a long time. Most of our books take about a year to write, all things considered. One of them took nearly three years of constant work. It’s not writing the book that takes the time; it’s the re-writing of it. Sometimes we have taken periods of time away just for writing, but often we are just fitting the process in day after day in the midst of busy schedules and traveling.


This is the most difficult aspect of producing a book. Editing takes two main forms: Content editing and grammatical editing. This means that the book has to read many times by various people before the final copy is ready. This can take a long period of time and can be costly.

Preparing the Book’s Cover

Once the book content is ready we have to talk with our designer and work through ideas for the cover, spine and back of the book. Sometimes several ideas are explored and discarded before the right cover emerges. This adds cost to the book.

Formatting the book

The insides of the book must be formatted next. Usually this involves discussion with our designer to highlight the design and look that best fits the audience.

Final editing

Once the book is formatted with the look and cover text we want, a careful final edit takes place. You would be surprised to find that almost always there are further discussions and changes at this point.

Taking Bids

We shop for the printer/binder that will do the best job for the best price. We ask for bids and attempt to make a wise decision that will be within our price range. We discuss paper weight and type, cover weight and type, coating of paper, and various details in the cover printing that add value to the book. Sometimes this involves going to the printer to see what can be done. The cost of the printing is only a small part of the actual expense of the book.

Printing and Binding

The printing/binding process takes only about 2-3 weeks. Usually we are communicating some with the printer during the process.


Delivery of the boxes is usually done through an independent trucking firm and brought to the CCW offices. Usually we print thousands of copies which are offloaded and stacked in the proper place.

Storing the book

Part of the expense of any book is the cost of storing the item in an air-conditioned facility. We are able to do this within our office area. It takes a good deal of room to store thousands of books.

Preparing a pricing scale

CCW tries to make the cost of books as inexpensive as possible. We have to prepare a pricing scale to make it possible for bookstores to distribute our items and to give the best deals to people who buy multiple copies of our books. Then we add this information into our website.

Getting the Word Out

As much as we would like to forget this part, we still must do it. We promote the book in the best places and among the best people. Usually this involves sending free copies to leaders who might influence others.

Processing orders

Receiving and processing orders takes time and man power. Sometimes things become complicated. Overseas orders take special handling and knowledge. Various systems are used to attempt to streamline the process.

Shipping the book

Adding handling time can be costly. Packing, weighing and adding postage may seem simple, but it has to be done just right. The books are delivered to the post office close to us, unless we are working with other carriers in special situations.

We thought you would enjoy knowing more about the 16 step process that gets CCW books into your hands. You can see why we wish for you to get the best possible value out of each one as a matter of Christian responsibility. We pray that God will use our books in your life and in the lives of those you will share them with.