Bryan Elliff

Bryan Elliff

Bryan is the second son of Jim Elliff. He currently lives in Kansas City with his wife, Joey.

Bryan was converted at 15 years of age and began to discover his love for teaching the Bible in high school when he taught an intensive weekly Bible study for teenagers. Following this, he studied Biblical and Theological Studies at Boyce College in Louisville, KY. His focus at Boyce was on the biblical languages, an interest he continued to pursue in Israel, where he studied Hebrew and Cognate Languages at Jerusalem University College.

Bryan’s desire is to use his interest in the historical and linguistic background of the Bible to help the church know Jesus and his words and be transformed by a love that comes from the Father. He is currently able to use his studies in these areas by providing historical insights in the Muller Center meetings and by private tutoring in Hebrew and Greek.

Bryan also helps facilitate Bible Intensive Retreats and teaches at churches and other venues.

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