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'Holidays' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

But I Don’t Feel Thankful

"But I don’t feel thankful." I can hear this perfectly logical complaint coming from my kids when I make them say "Thank you" for some act of kindness done toward them. Should we really act grateful when we are not? But perhaps the better question is, "How could we be so blind to all that God has done that we would ever be ungrateful?" When the Pilgrims ate the first Thanksgiving meal in 1621, they were being thankful even though…

Christmas: Bah Humbug or Gloria in Excelsis?

We do Christmas slowly. That is, instead of tearing into presents for a ten minutes rush of adrenaline, we open them one by one and take all morning. We wrap everything, even stocking gifts. If something can be divided into two packages, we do it. Even gum is wrapped. It happens like this. The question is asked, “Who gets to give the next gift?” Then that perfect gift is found, handed over, and opened as dramatically as possible. Exclamation follows…

October 31st, 1517 Wittenburg, Germany

It was October 31st, 1517 in Wittenburg, Germany. Martin grasped a hammer and a long piece of paper covered with his writing. He walked out into the street and straight over to the castle church door. It was here that community messages were often posted. Martin nailed his 95 points of discussion on the door. He only wanted to lay out his newly discovered views of the Bible to other church leaders in the Medieval Catholic church. He thought he…
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