Delivered By Desire: The Encouraging Truth About Christians & Sexual Purity

Most men believe that accountability is the invincible weapon for fighting lust, but many of us have found that this method falls short. It helps for a while, granted, due to the repulsive power of embarrassment. But what’s next? We need something more potent if we are to experience lasting victory.

Daryl Wingerd dug up and brushed off the Bible’s core explosive device for defeating habitual sexual sin. You won’t find this concept in most self-help books on the subject–even Christian ones. I’m convinced you will discover here the volatile material able to finally decimate lust as a pattern of life, in you and in those you help. Like others, you may say, “I’ve not read a book quite like this for clarifying the biblical way to succeed over this troubling issue.”

Women may wish to read this book also. It will help them understand what their husbands and sons may face. Though writing from the man’s perspective, the author is not unaware of how lust can become a woman’s problem as well. In fact, believers in general may wish to read Delivered by Desire to discover how to overcome habitual sins. The biblical principles will apply.

~from the Preface by Jim Elliff, President, Christian Communicators Worldwide