God Provides

God Provides

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A Message from Jim Elliff—

Our Only Financial Plan: Trusting God

CCW has never solicited money for our ministry personnel or for the ministry itself. Not once. For over 30 years, God has supplied everything we’ve needed without asking anyone but Him. It is exciting to think that He has actually provided a few million dollars for this small ministry in answer to prayer, allowing us to preach and teach His word to thousands around the world, through our voices and the printed page.

God directed us to this life of trust through a variety of means years ago. Though not all ministries have to follow our pattern, we felt very sure of God’s direction in the matter for CCW. My wife and I gave our personal savings and our first substantial contribution to a missionary, and launched out with no prospect of support except God’s promises in order to prove this: God will take care of His own.

Sometimes the smallest of gifts were just the right size to complete a project or to purchase another airplane ticket or to produce an important publication. Our work around the world is both about content and about lifestyle. We want people to know that they can trust the God who promises He will care for us.

He cares about people hearing the gospel, being taught the Scriptures, and learning to feed on the word themselves. He is supportive of growing leaders for churches and homes, and for guiding churches in ways that please Him and fulfill His mission. Because these are His concerns, we can expect His supply.

We’re not dependent on good marketing or convenient plans for people to contribute. God moves people to give as he pleases. For sure, we publish our address and have a page for those who prefer to give electronically. We don’t want to make it impossible for anyone to obey the Lord if He leads. We’ve done this as discreetly as possible. At the end of the day, as thankful as we are for those who give, it isn’t any person or church that makes our ministry exist and have good effects – it is God alone.

We don’t think that every ministry has to do it the way we have – not at all. We don’t think we are special, but we are sincerely trying to be obedient to this vision. We desperately want to provide one more illustration to a skeptical world and the professing church of God that He is faithful to any believer who looks to Him for help.

If you would like to know more about how we’ve learned to trust God, please read “The Life of Trust.” And, when you think of us, pray that we will faithfully trust Him in every detail of our ministry around the world.

Yours with joy,

Jim Elliff
Christian Communicators Worldwide

P.O. Box 12045
Parkville, MO 64152

Our page for those requesting more information about electronic giving is here.

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