Evangelistic Downloads

Evangelistic Downloads

CCW is delighted to offer the following items for you to download and print from your computer. Though we’ve done our best to offer the files ready to print, you may need to adjust the files slightly due to differences in printers and according to which fonts are loaded in your computer.

Holiday Tracts

Reformation Day/Halloween

  • icon_pdf October 31, 1517 – This tract tells the story of Martin Luther and presents a gospel message.
  •  icon_pdf The Very Scarey Hand – the Bible story of the handwriting on the wall, with a gospel application.
  • icon_pdf Ezekiel and the Dry Bones – the Bible story of the valley of dry bones, with a gospel application.


  •  Not Much to Be Thankful For – “What if you were called on this Thanksgiving to give a report of what you were thankful for? If you could say, not what you ought to say, but what is strictly true, what would come out of your mouth? What makes you really happy?”
  •  ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly? – This colorful tract exploring the emptiness of materialism.

Seeker’s Guides

Download these publications in MS Publisher format or print from your browser in .pdf format for Adobe Reader.

  •  Miss Hockingfield’s Waterloo – Without that taste of true beauty, she will die in the sin of loving substitutes. And so, heaven is spoiled for her, and is not fitting for her, not because there are not beautiful things there, but because Christ, who is unlovely to her, is in the midst of it.
  •  The Love of Beauty – Within me is the longing for beauty, and the repulsion of non-beauty. I am convinced that I have the normal longings of all of us. We are made for beauty.
  •  The Way to God – Do you know the way to God? Are you sure you are right?
  •  Invincible? – Don’t plan to be in a situation loaded with possibilities for sin even if you think you have power over those temptations. Cut the umbilical cord to temptation. You’re not invincible.
  •  Mother Teresa Leona – Leona believed that there were many ways to God, and that charitable works are the ticket to arriving in heaven. She mistook morality and service, essential effects of Christianity, for the means of becoming a Christian.
  •  If I Should Die Before I Wake – If a man or woman is sane and thinking, the fact of death aggravates the mind. Its certainty stirs up at least a chronic uneasiness, and in times of vulnerability or danger may do even more. It is a frightening fact when one chooses to face it honestly.
  •  The Change of Mind – To repent means to “change the mind.” But this change of mind is not merely a new way of thinking about Christ and salvation. It is much more profound, affecting the deepest attitudes and actions.
  •  Destroying the Future – As tantalizing as it seems for the moment, failure to follow God’s prescription for sex is a formula for calamity. But coming to Christ by faith changes things. When God washes, sanctifies, and justifies, you are not the same anymore. And you’re guaranteed a future in heaven as well.
  •  If God is Good, Why Do So Many Bad Things Happen? – “If God is all-powerful and is also good, why is there pain in the world?” The question is among the most difficult to answer, especially when we see “innocent” people destroyed by pain inflicted by others.