Serious About Scripture

Mentoring and motivating Christ’s people to live his words.

Personal Bible Reading

My Preferred Way to Read the Bible” presents a different way to read that has transformed our lives. We want to share it.

The Muller Center for Biblical Studies

George Muller is our model here. He was a fully committed to saturate himself with the Bible. We offer local classes usually four to ten weeks long focused on the books of the Bible. Read about how you can be a part if you live in the Kansas City area.

Bible Intensives

Our communicators team leads Bible Intensives from one to three days for pastors, missionaries, ministries, men’s groups or other groups both locally and in other parts of the world for English speakers. Find out how you can organize a Bible Intensive in your area, ministry or church. We are also often able to stay over for other speaking opportunities.

Online Bible Mentoring for Leaders

The CCW communications team spends part of each week meeting online in two hour sessions with leaders who wish to study through a book of the Bible inductively. Though we chose those we do this with at present, we want to you know that this is a vital ministry carried on by our team. We will let you know if this ministry will expand to include other leaders who request it.

Bible-based Conference Speaking

Jim Elliff, Steve Burchett, and Kole Farney are Bible based Conference Speakers. Our travels have taken us through most of the United States and scores of countries overseas. We work with interpreters overseas as needed. See our Speakers page to learn about these men.

Bible Oriented Articles

The team writes articles for our websites, including this one, BulletinInserts.org, and WaytoGod.org.  Our articles are used by many other websites and blog forums. We also seek to write helpful articles for social media. Find out more by clicking on the site links just mentioned, and by connecting with us through social media. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive new articles from our websites.

Bible Saturated Books

See our Order page to purchase the books we offer for evangelism and spiritual growth. Kindle additions are also available on most books. (link to those resources).