Translated Materials

Translated Materials

CCW is excited to offer translations of our materials into several languages. Below you will find links to recently completed Braille, Spanish and Ukrainian pieces. We hope to add more documents in several languages. If you'd like to contribute a translation in any language to this page, are proficient in that language and familiar with it's grammar, please contact We will have the translation checked by another person proficient in the language. We have no money to offer for this project but are hopeful that you will receive a great personal reward by doing it.

Spanish Materials

  • icon_pdf  Una Hora Íntima con Dios (An Intimate Hour With God)
  • icon_pdf  Inventario Espiritual (Spiritual Inventory for Pastors)
  • icon_pdf  Los Bautistas del Sur, una Denominación No Regenerada (Southern Baptists, an Unregenerate Denomination)
  • icon_ppt  Una Vista Pictórica De La Biblia (Pictorial Survey of the Bible)
  • icon_pdf  El Evangelio de la Gloria de Cristo (The Good News of the Glory of Christ - gospel colors tract)
  • icon_pdf  ¿Los Huracanes Ocurren Sin Qué ni Para Qué? (Do Hurricanes JustHappen?)
  • icon_pdf  35 Razones Para No Pecar (35 Reasons Not to Sin)
  • icon_doc  El Aguilucho (the Eaglet, for Peru) and in PowerPoint

Braille Materials

French Materials

  • icon_ppt  Un résumé en images de la Bible (Pictorial Survey of the Bible)

Ukrainian Materials

  • icon_doc  The Unrepenting Repenter
  • icon_doc  35 Reasons Not To Sin
  • icon_doc  Five Resolves for Personal Revival
  • icon_doc  Seven Principles of Finance for the Believer
  • icon_ppt  The Eaglet

Russian Materials

  • icon_doc  Dull Preachers
  • icon_doc  Returning to Your First Love
  • icon_doc  Serious Preaching
  • icon_doc  Asahel Nettleton: The Forgotten Evangelist

Romanian Materials


Order Romanian materials from: Asociatia Crestina HeartCry Europa,

Italian Materials

  • icon_doc  Il Pentito… impenitente (The Unrepenting Repenter)

German Materials

  • icon_ppt  Die Bibel Ein heilsgeschichtlicher Überblick (Pictorial Survey of the Bible)
  • icon_doc  Ein unbußfertiger Buße-Tuender (The Unrepenting Repenter)

Indonesian Materials

  • icon_pdf  Lima Resolusi Tekad Untuk Kebangunan Rohani Pribadi (5 Resolves for
    Personal Revival)
  • icon_pdf  35 Alasan Untuk Tidak Berdosa (35 Reasons Not To Sin)
  •  Tugas Diakon (Responsibility of Deacons)
  •  Kualifikasi Penatua (Qualifications of an Elder)
  •  Memulihkan Orang Yang Jatuh (Restoring Those Who Fall)
  •  Perjamuan Tuhan dan Persekutuan (The Lord’s Supper and Fellowship)
  •  Tim Penatua (Questions About Elders)
  •   Pegang Teguh Firman Yang Hidup (Holding Fast the Word of Life)

Luganda Materials

  • icon_doc  OKUKKIRIZA OKWEREERE (Wasted Faith)

Portuguese Materials

Audio Files

Ao Encontro de Deus (Pursuing God)


Ordering Information for Portuguese Materials
Peca list completa dos livros materials a:
Editora Fiel da Missao Evangelica Literaria
Caixa Postal 81 12201-970-Sao Jose dos Campos, SP BRASIL

Telugu Materials

  • icon_pdf  35 Reasons Not to Sin