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  • by Jim Elliff

    Peter repented of denying Christ and was established as the leader of the apostles. Judas repented of betraying Christ, hung himself, and went to Hell. Clearly not all repentance is the kind that leads to salvation. But that raises the … Continue reading

  • by Jim Elliff

    This Book Addresses Evangelicalism’s Most Urgent Need! “What is most alarming is this risky willingness of today’s evangelicals to gamble eternity on an emotional one-time experience, or a ‘sinners prayer’ properly prayed, or some feeling of substantial relief at a … Continue reading

  • by Jim Elliff

    Pursuing God: A Seekers Guide offers its readers a straightforward, clear, and engaging explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reader is led with integrity, and in conversational tone to understand why the biblical Gospel is good news. Beginning with … Continue reading

  • by Daryl Wingerd

    Most men believe that accountability is the invincible weapon for fighting lust, but many of us have found that this method falls short. It helps for a while, granted, due to the repulsive power of embarrassment. But what’s next? We … Continue reading

  • by Jim Elliff

    “Oh how he wanted to fly! And if it were not for his father’s command, he would do so right this minute.” —From The Eaglet by Jim Elliff Our popular children’s booklet, The Eaglet, is now also available as a … Continue reading

  • by Jim Elliff

    “My hope is that this little book informs both believers and non-believers about the first act of Christian obedience. Not only will those awaiting baptism find it instructive, but mature believers will also be trained by it, and will find … Continue reading

  • by Jim Ehrhard

    Author Jim Ehrhard writes: “As a young minister, I once made the ‘mistake’ of closing a Wednesday evening service without extending a public invitation. Early the next morning, an irate husband came to my office. For the first time in … Continue reading

  • by Daryl Wingerd, Jim Elliff, Jim Chrisman, Steve Burchett

    We believe this book will save marriages. Bible-believing Christians agree that it is essential to act on Jesus’ words while the present storm of marital unfaithfulness and divorce swirls around us. Yet there is uncertainty about Jesus’ commands concerning divorce … Continue reading

  • by Jim Elliff

    What does it mean to follow God? In a personal and pastoral way, Jim Elliff seeks to help the believer gain confidence in understanding and following the will of God. This book is not only practical, but answers some of … Continue reading