Pursuing God: A Seeker’s Guide

Pursuing God: A Seekers Guide¬†offers its readers a straightforward, clear, and engaging explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reader is led with integrity, and in conversational tone to understand why the biblical Gospel is good news. Beginning with man’s dead, blind, and sinful condition, and then moving toward God’s wrath, the certainty of death, and the future judgement of the world, the reader is faced with his state before a holy and just God. From there we read of the Gospel’s power to change lives, and then its demands for faith and repentance, along with clear explanations about what those things are. Next in the book comes counsel to any reader who embraces the Gospel. Here they are helped in learning to walk in initial obedience to Christ (prayer, Bible reading, fellowship with Christians, evangelism, etc.).

A free audio recording of the book can be found here at WayToGod.org