Lightning Strike: Better Than You Think

Lightning Strike: Better Than You Think

Several nights ago, I was out alone in a severe thunderstorm. Rain was pouring. Massive flashes of lightning frequently lit up the sky, followed by thunder that made the ground shake. I marveled at the power of God and quaked in my size 11 tennis shoes. To be honest, I was rather frightened.

“Suppose I get struck by lightning?” I thought. “What am I against this?”

But then it occurred to me: Who said I was against anything? Don’t all things work together for the good of God’s people? I was actually only witnessing a demonstration of the same power that recreated me.

God was not only protecting me from the lightning, He was the force behind it. He was on my side, therefore the lightning was on my side. Both it and I were in the same army. Even if God struck me with lightening, it would be far better than the alternative. Why? Because He did it. Since He decided not to, I know that it was better to get safely home. Either way, God is glorified and I am in a better place than before.

I am not taking God’s power lightly —it can be a very frightening thing. But for the believer, though it may hurt you, it will always be for you.

This principle doesn’t just apply to big things like lightning, though. It is the same with everyday problems. A while ago, I stubbed my toe on a twenty-pound weight while walking through my room in the dark. One of the most interesting things about those weights is that they don’t move. My foot, on the other hand, does. I am glad I did it. It was definitely better. I have no idea why, but I know that it was.

For the unbeliever, I have a totally opposite message. You should fear—fear like you have never feared before. While God is on the side of the believer, He opposes the non-believer. The lightning that was my friend, is your enemy. And you may well say, “What am I against this?” Indeed, what is even your father the devil against God?

But I write this mainly for the comfort of Christians. Nothing can ever happen to you that will not be better than any plan you might come up with.

The apostle Paul said rightly: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31)