God of Creation, God of Salvation

God of Creation, God of Salvation

I am learning to read and enjoy poetry. God makes much of it in the Bible. I am under the conviction that we miss something by not growing in our understanding of both the Bible’s poetic passages and what many modern poets themselves have to offer.

Here is a poem from a younger friend, Daniel Pentimone, that I think is exceptional. It is vibrant, engaging, and meaningful. Read it outloud with exuberance, and love God more. Read it with joy to others. You can find more of Daniel’s teaching, prose, and poetry at fromdanielsdesk.com.

God of Creation, God of Salvation

Daniel Pentimone

God of Creation, God of Salvation,
Author of all that is gracious and kind;
Praise to the Father, Praise to the Spirit,
Praise to the Savior of all of mankind!

Paradise blooming, Arctic winds blowing,
Lit by auroras of midnight display;
Tropics are warming, Ocean fish swarming,
Swept by the tides and the water’s cool spray!

Insects are molting, Plants begin budding,
Geysers are spewing from molten-rock mud;
Flaming stars twinkling, Planets revolving,
Held by the God-man who shed human blood!

Sinners are changing, Wretches are praying,
Moved by a power of heavenly size!
God is remitting, Angels are watching,
Jesus is hearing our pleas and our cries!

Sacrifice dying, Cross made a fountain,
Blood flowing forth to wash all of our sin –
Death is retreating, Grace is advancing,
Jesus is forming a new man within!

God of Creation, God of Salvation,
Author of wonders and marvels divine!
You we are praising, Us you are saving,
All by the grace of your glor’ous design!

Copyright Daniel Pentimone 2022