Don’t Be Like the Ant

Don’t Be Like the Ant

Don’t be like the ant who thought that it was his strong legs that pushed the log down the river. He overestimated.

No pastor, teacher, or serious Christian could possibly know accurately what God does through our words and work. Not really.

Evaluation of effects is futile and frustratingly unpredictable. It may be years before gospel seed germinates. How can you know if or when or how He does that? And your most effective moment may come and go without emotions or perception. Yet God builds His church, graciously condescending to use our weakness. No exceptions. Ever.

One day, we’ll be surprised at what He’s done with our pitiful words, inherent weakness, gross imbalance, misplaced dogmatism, and even foolish error.

Rejoice in the joy of service to such a King. Your legs may beat the water, but He makes the river run. He accomplishes his goals, and allows us to participate with Him.