Kole Farney Travel and Financial Policy

Kole Farney Travel and Financial Policy

Many people ask us what our financial policy is for the speaking ministry of Kole Farney. This is a brief explanation. Other questions may be answered by communicating directly with Kole at the following address:

P.O. Box 12045
Parkville, MO 64152
Phone (816) 379-6840
E-Mail: info@CCWtoday.org

  1. Kole speaks at churches and conferences without remuneration. Kole prearranges not to receive love offerings or honoraria for compensation for his speaking, either for himself or the ministry. It is obvious that money comes to the ministry, and to Kole through CCW, in other ways, but we do not intend to take such as payment for our services. It is Kole’s intention to give to others as freely as he has received from God. It is the board’s request that you not violate this principle, even by delaying the gift. We will assume that any monies sent following a meeting falls into a category other than compensation. It is important to say here that this policy is in no way an indication of lack of gratitude for your desire to give, but is a policy that Kole has lived by in an attempt to demonstrate that God alone can answer prayer and provide all that is needed for the ministry and his own family.
  2. We also ask that you not solicit money for Kole. It is the ministry’s stated policy that all gifts will come to us in answer to prayer and not by solicitation, either from its workers or from the pastors and leaders in the churches and conferences where Kole speaks. We do understand that our policy has to be stated to the appropriate people or groups when they need to understand. It has been an exciting journey for Kole to see how God can open the hearts of individuals and groups to contribute to the ongoing work of CCW without asking anyone but God.
  3. We do ask that the church or organization, where possible, cover Kole’s travel (though see #4), lodging, and food. If this is impossible, please let us know and the ministry will gladly cover that expense as well. Usually Kole lets the church or ministry order the plane ticket. He prefers an aisle seat if available. Kole sometimes incurs additional expenses that add to the trip cost, such as car expense to the airport (approximately $15), parking fees (if needed), checked baggage fees (depending on the airline), and light meals in route.
  4. Whenever Kole travels to lead a Bible Intensive Retreat, CCW gladly covers the cost of travel (airfare or rental and gas) for Kole and his assistant to get to the retreat, though we ask that lodging and meals be covered by the church or organization that invited him.
  5. Occasionally a person will come to the pastor or leader on their own (unsolicited) desiring to give to Kole or to CCW. Since it is the ministry’s policy to receive unsolicited funds in answer to prayer, these gifts may be received. That gift may, in fact, be a very special answer to prayer! It should be noted that Kole and his family receive gifts personally only if they are designated as such. Christian Communicators Worldwide uses all undesignated checks for its operations and publications. It is helpful if either designated or undesignated checks be made out to CCW. It is permissible for these unsolicited gifts to be first given through the church or organization before being sent. A note indicating that the check contains unsolicited monies is helpful. There is a way to send money online on our site, if needed (under About CCW / Contact). If you are able to indicate who provided the funds, then we can send a thank you.
  6. Kole is happy to stay in non-smoking motel room or a home depending on what is best for those who have invited him. It is always helpful if Kole can have as private a place as possible though. While always remaining flexible, it is also appreciated if Kole and his family can have use of their own bathroom if at all possible. It is easy to understand that thoughtful accommodations are a great help since Kole is away from home so often.
  7. Kole enjoys fellowship around the table with pastors, leaders, and the people of the churches and conferences he attends. Often, eating after the evening speaking engagement works well. However, this is not always possible. You may discuss this with Kole before his coming.
  8. Kole takes along a family member or intern on each trip. This means that lodging and meals for one additional person would be included in your expense. At times Kole is able to take more members of his entire family, especially when on some extended speaking tours. You may wish to talk this over with Kole. Usually such arrangements do not require but one motel room for the entire family. This arrangement allows Kole to continue to minister both to his family and those he is mentoring while on the road.
  9. On almost all trips Kole likes to offer CCW books and CDs at low conference prices (usually 40-50% of retail) in order to extend his ministry beyond the time of the speaking engagement. Please discuss this with Kole before coming. Usually this will involve providing some tables and helpers to take care of sales/inventory. Checks will be made out to the church or ministry in most cases. A further check can be made to CCW by the church or ministry holding the conference to cover what has been received. Often churches/ministries like to take advantage of the low conference prices to purchase some of the remaining items for their own use. Most of the time Kole is able to bring the books/CDs with him when he travels, depending on the size of the conference.

The board of CCW realizes that these financial and travel policies are somewhat unusual. Kole certainly does not expect that other conference speakers should follow his method, nor does he feel spiritually superior by doing it this way. He is concerned that the Lord would be honored in the way this ministry is conducted and that a testimony may be given about the love and provision of God.

The Board of Directors