How to Use

How to Use

In its former style, Wasted Faith was distributed to 150-200,000 people. We heard many stories about how this item changed lives. Here are some suggestions for using Wasted Faith most effectively.


1. Individual distribution.
Many people obtain multiple copies of Wasted Faith for passing to friends and relatives. We hope this book will become a tool regularly used by concerned people who wish to make an impact on the lives of others they love.

2. Small groups and mentoring.
We have provided a free online discussion guide for Wasted Faith. Bible study groups or Sunday school classes, men’s or women’s groups, high school youth and singles, all may benefit from the nine lessons provided online. Each person will need to have a book and a photocopy of the lesson. There is no additional homework required, though meditation on the chapter is suggested. Churches may consider studying this book throughout their morning Bible hour as an option. A pastor may desire to preach on this subject simultaneously (such as a series on 1 John) so that the entire church can face the issue of assurance of salvation together.

3. Free book and audio table.
We have seen that providing quality evangelistic material for interested people can make a huge difference. Church leaders may consider putting Wasted Faith and Pursuing God: A Seeker’s Guide, along with a couple of key evangelistic messages from your leaders, on a table each week. An invitation to the guests to take whatever they wish to read or hear could be a regular way to provide evangelistic input. Members may be invited to take whatever they wish to use to pass along to friends or relatives. You may add other quality resources from time to time.

4. Reading for leaders.
Pastoral teams, missionaries and other leaders may benefit from reading Wasted Faith. The issue of assurance and deception is certainly the most pressing issue in evangelicalism today. This book will aid them in their discernment and will provide a tool to help them address the situation. In some situations, concerned church members may wish to provide copies for leaders and other key people as gifts.

5. Accessing new members.
Many churches have used Wasted Faith as required reading before joining the church. This allows people to have a better understanding of themselves and an improved way to talk about their relationship with Christ. Many have found after reading this book that they either have not been converted, or were converted much later than they originally had thought. Pastors will appreciate knowing that future members have faced their conversion in serious manner.

CCW is a ministry and not a publishing company. Our main interest is in the glory of God and the distribution of truth as far as possible. We think of each publication as a matter of faith. We trust God for the underwriting of the book and for the books to put into the hands of the right people. For this reason, we sell our books as inexpensively as possible. If you find that you cannot afford our Wasted Faith please communicate with us.

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