Instructions for making the Gospel bracelet.

Cut one 16″ piece of leather lace (can be purchased at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels in the craft section).

Fold the lace in half and measure about 1 1/2 ” from the center and tie the first knot. This will hold the beads in place.

Thread the 7 beads (6x9mm) on to the longer end of the lace in order: purple, red, black, white, blue, green, and yellow. (For the white bead it is recommended that you purchase white heart beads to accentuate the heart issue of the Gospel message. If you can’t find a heart bead, a plain white bead is fine.)

Tie the second knot to hold the beads in place.
Run the bracelet through a hole that has been punched in the upper corner of the Gospel tract and tie again.

We have also made necklaces with similar method using leather or heavy elastic string in gold, silver, or black which can also be purchased at Walmart or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. (See photos below.)

These bracelets when accompanied by the Gospel Colors tract can be stapled to candy and passed out on Halloween (our children’s Bible memory class passed out 300 last year), given to neighbors or friends and just worn so as to draw the attention of others and open the door to explain the Gospel message. Our grandchildren took them with them when delivering trays of Christmas cookies to neighbors and gave one to each child in the household and also to a reunion to share with the family. They have also passed them out in restaurants. There is no limit to the possibilities of the use of this bracelet. They can be used as a reward for completing Bible memory work successfully.

As far as what you might say when passing out the bracelet, it’s very simple. We just say, “Would you like to have a bracelet that shares the Gospel Story?” Or, “I’ve made you a bracelet that tells the Gospel message. Would you like to have it?”

-Karen Eppler