Ministry Letter

Ministry Letter

Dear family,

On NPR (“National Liberal Radio,” as my friend Don Whitney calls it), I recently heard a report on lying. Some scientists have “discovered” that people who lie are predisposed for this through their genes. This additional chapter from the evolutionary determinists is typical NPR news. There are usually some homosexual issues brought in to NPR every few days as well. My wife says I listen to that station just to enjoy getting my adrenaline rush. I’ll admit to the frustration such “reports” cause. Is America really that far removed from moral sensibility?

One of the men working with us here, Steve Burchett, moonlights as a substitute teacher. His stories of the lack of discipline in the schools, and the absence of learning, are enough to make you weep. It is no wonder that many universities are disheartening us so. And we get to pay for these student’s anti-education.

Aren’t we in need of revival? And, isn’t it true that the problem first lies in the churches? “What will happen if the foundations be destroyed . . . ?”

Increase Mather, colonial preacher of the early 1700s, said, “O New England, New England, look to it that the glory be not removed from thee, for it begins to go. O tremeble, for it is going; it is gradually departing . . . You that are aged persons, that can remember what New England was fifty years ago, that saw the churches in their first glory, is there not a sad decay and diminution of that glory!”

I wonder what this fervent preacher would say today!

We live in hope of such a reformational revival among the churches. Our ministry is here to do its part. We know that the Lord Himself, however, is the only one who may grant a renewal of authentic life into the churches. And we know that the life that is needed is not found in programs, entertainment, or cleverness. We are for the simplicity of life that puts all the focus on Christ and seeks to obey Him alone as head of His church. Please pray for us as we give ourselves to this work.

Our latest booklet, Dangers of the Invitation System, by Jim Ehrhard, is soon to arrive. We will be mailing a few hundred prepublication orders next week, Lord willing. This book can help believers to move away from dependence on he altar call to dependence on Christ.

Our Wasted Faith Audio Book has become a slow process for us. We’ve had some music difficulties with a music union. We are working through it, so please be patient. We are working simultaneously on our Divorce and Remarriage book, the men’s book on purity and the childhood conversion book. These are all three extremely significant. Please pray that we will be diligent in the task.

Thanks for you participation with us in our labors for Christ. Much is happening for good, and we sense God’s leadership.

With joy,

Jim Elliff