Five Minute Beliefs Survey

Five Minute Beliefs Survey

Please do not add your name to this survey. We are asking for the most honest answers you can give. Do not record what you think your leaders want you to say, but what you really believe. You will leave some items unchecked. Check only what you actually believe in each category, and as many as you wish.

Age (must be at least in grade school and able to read to take the survey)

( ) 6-12 years      ( ) 13-18 years      ( ) 19-25 years      ( ) 26-35 years

( ) 36-50 years      ( ) 51-65 years      ( ) 66 or older

Membership (check one)

( ) I am a member of this church/class/organization

( ) I am not a member


( ) I believe God is something like a force, rather than a personal being.

( ) I believe that there may be other gods besides the God of the Bible.

( ) I believe that the biblical God exists, but sometimes have doubts about that.

( ) I believe the God who is spoken of in the Bible does exist.



( ) I believe God values the worship of most major religions (i.e. Islam, Hinduism, etc.)

( ) I believe that genuine Christianity is the only religious belief system that is designed and approved by God.

( ) I believe it is arrogant for Christians to assume they have the only correct view of God.


The Bible

( ) I believe that the Bible contains at least some errors in the original manuscripts.

( ) I believe that the Bible is the word of God without any errors in the original manuscripts.

( ) I believe that in other religions there are holy books, similar to the Bible, which God approves.

( ) I believe that the Bible contains words of holy men writing about God and is sincerely helpful, but is not designed uniquely by God as his only true, authoritative word to man.



( ) I believe that Christ is by nature God, and is also fully human.

( ) I believe Christ was born of a virgin.

( ) I believe Jesus lived a perfect life.

( ) I believe that Christ is not God, but was an exceptional teacher and leader.

( ) I believe that Jesus died to pay the full penalty for man’s sins.

( ) I believe that Christ provides the only way to God and that all who do not place their trust in Christ are outside the family of God.

( ) I believe that Jesus’ death did not pay for man’s sins, but does show men how to die for what they believe.

( ) I believe that Christ was not resurrected in a physical body, but that his “resurrection” was a way of describing his ongoing spiritual impact on his followers.

( ) I believe that Jesus was resurrected in a glorified physical body that could be touched.

( ) I believe that Jesus ascended to heaven and will come back in the future.



( ) I believe all people who are sincere and try to follow God will be received in heaven.

( ) I believe that one becomes a Christian at baptism.

( ) I believe that taking communion helps a person become a true Christian.

( ) I believe that a life of faith plus good works is required to attain salvation.

( ) I believe that Christ’s death actually paid the penalty for the sins of good men everywhere, but that a sincere worshipping person may be accepted by God even if he never heard about Christ.

( ) I believe that God offers true salvation from sin only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

( ) I believe that Christ’s death is the only payment that God receives for man’s sin.

( ) I believe there is a place called heaven.

( ) I believe there is a place called hell that is designed by God for the judgment of all people who do not put their faith in Christ.

( ) I believe most people in the world will one day be judged in hell.

( ) I believe that I will go to heaven or hell after I die.

Thank you!