Frustration, Dadgumit

Frustration, Dadgumit

“Dadgumit,” my dad used to say. I have no idea what it meant, except that it was an indicator of frustration over something not working right. “Dingbusted” might also be heard. My father didn’t curse, but these might well be white-washed substitutes.

We all know what frustration feels like. Something is just not working right, or is at least not going according to our plan. Some turn of events makes life more complicated than bargained for, or takes away something more enjoyable you wished to do, or makes something so much harder than expected, and you don’t like it. A physical change might do that for some. Maybe you are in that pit right this moment. In fact, I’m feeling some of that now and am writing this to get my thinking straight, dadgumit.

I know this: all such feelings are ultimately expressions of distrust in God. I’m not happy about saying that, but it must be so.

But it may also be a signal that we are doing too much, or not doing it wisely. It may mean we are doing what someone else should do. But usually it means that we are not thinking correctly about the life the Lord has dealt us.

These two things should help the believer deal with potential frustrations:

1. God loves you more than you could even love yourself. Therefore, you can be sure that he will deal lovingly with you, no matter how severe the test.

2. God delights to show you that you and your resources are not enough for life. He wants you to live a life of faith.

These truths, repeated throughout Scripture, will help us get through.