A Letter From Jim | December 2017

A Letter From Jim | December 2017

Dear CCW Family,

Please take a good look above. This is our main CCW “communicators” team — Jim Elliff (and Pam with Laura. Benjamin and Bryan not pictured), Steve Burchett (and Patty with Katie, Luke and Lilly), Kole Farney (and Rachel with Karter and Russell) and Bryan Elliff (and Joey with Lucas and Zion). Behind these there are several other workers and board members who help us to do our work in strategic ways.

Thanks for praying for us, encouraging us with your notes and letters and gifts, and praying for us over this year. We love you all and wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year season.

Serious About Scripture

We’re within a few weeks of offering our new website, which has the motif, “Serious About Scripture.” Our evangelism, training, articles and audio are based upon Scripture and we try to make much of that. We’ll keep you posted when the new website is ready. We hope you’ll love it.

Such an Important Year

Our team traveled to Peru, Columbia, Canada, Ethiopia, South Africa and Zambia, plus many stateside venues, this year. We felt it was a very significant year of opportunity. Please pray with us about 2018. We’re planning trips for next year. But there is room for more. Pray that God will fill in schedule as he always has and that each experience will be very meaningful. Steve, for instance, is getting ready now for India in January!

Working on a New Book

Bryan and I are working on a book about foundational verbal activities in the early church—preaching the gospel, teaching believers and unbelievers, and exhortation. We will present some new ideas for most that hopefully will stimulate discussion in the Christian community. We’re excited about what we’re seeing in the Scriptures that can be transformational. Please pray for us as we seek to be positive and faithful to the Bible. We are, as always, seeking the health of the church and the spread of the gospel. We want to get it right.

Never More Excited

I am so excited about the future work we are called to do. Doors are opening and ideas for improvement are coming from our study of the Bible and the active Holy Spirit. Thanks for joining in the work. We love you all!

With joy,


Jim Elliff