Say What You Love About God

Say What You Love About God

May I suggest something of value for you to do that has great returns. It is so simple, yet profound and effective. We all can do it.


I mean by this to thoughtfully tell somebody what God is like. Portray as colorfully as possible a characteristic of the Father, Son, or Spirit that you value and think is worth being known.

A believer who could learn to do this daily would do much good and, frankly, would be personally benefitted by doing it. How many people need to hear that very moment something wonderful about the Lord? It doesn’t make any difference if it is a new truth just discovered or an old one said many times. Just try to be thoughtful and sincere about what you love about God. Use new descriptive words if you can. Don’t do it in one word, but with sentences that explain what you mean.

Some of you might make it your aim to do this daily. Will you try it? Perhaps you will want to think through what you wish to pass on about God in your morning Bible reading. Get it in your heart and then look for ways to speak it out to somebody else.

And if you find you don’t know how to do this, read the Psalms. David, one of the the psalmist, was a master at describing what he loved about God.

Copyright 2021 Jim Elliff