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Spider! It’s early in the morning, still dark, and I’m sitting at my kitchen table unable to sleep. Just outside my window and clinging to the corner of that window is a spider’s web. He has provided entertainment for several … Continue reading

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Studying hard with pastors in Romania on our last trip. We’re holding Bible Intensive retreats like this all over the USA also with eager leaders these days. These three day experiences are reminding us all about the amazing power of … Continue reading

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Here’s a reality that never changes: there is always another church that does something better than your church. You can never find the perfect church any more than you can marry the perfect mate or be employed at the perfect … Continue reading

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By meditating on Scripture you are transformed into the person God intends you to be. Meditation is a blend of your words to God and His Word to you; it is loving conversation between you and God through the pages … Continue reading

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John was filled with the Spirit in the womb, and would drink no wine (Lk 2:15), a Nazirite vow. Shadows of this Nazirite vow show up in Eph 5:18 (“And do not be drunk with wine…but be filled with the … Continue reading

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David’s tryst with Bathsheba illustrates how one sin brings another. A look led to lust; lust in the heart led to adultery; adultery led to an attempt to cover up by David calling her husband in from battle so he … Continue reading

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Speak to them, whether they listen or not, “Thus says the Lord God”(Ez 3). We shouldn’t be so arrogant as to think we’re prophets like Ezekiel, hearing direct words from God. Rather, we humbly speak what the prophets spoke. We … Continue reading

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I was asked, “What should be the primary motivation for evangelism and missions: Love for Christ or love for the lost? The question is an impossible one to answer because it offers a false dichotomy. In the NT, love for … Continue reading

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I hope it’s a sign of becoming more heavenly-minded to find myself uninterested in labels among true believers any more. When we’re the next world, what possible difference could they make? What good are they now, except to create division, … Continue reading

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In the Sermon on the Mount, the broad way that leads to destruction is the external religious way. The narrow way is the way Jesus taught. This is seen particularly in the “antitheses” section in Mt. 5. For instance, the … Continue reading

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