Members’ Review of a Potential Elder

Members’ Review of a Potential Elder

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that ( elder candidate’s name here ) desires the position of elder with Christ Fellowship of Kansas City.

Elder appointment is not a popularity contest, nor is the position something that a man earns due to his level of education, his social status, his wealth, or his seniority. Elders must be qualified according to God’s standard, capable of fulfilling the responsibilities they desire to assume, and doctrinally as well as philosophically compatible with the elder team if they are to be appointed to serve in this capacity.

You are among those members who know him best. You have had the opportunity to observe his personal life, his teaching, his leadership skills, and his love for the church. We ask, therefore, that you carefully evaluate what you have seen and what you know of him in light of the biblical qualifications and duties which we have listed on the following pages. If you believe that he is biblically qualified and capable of performing these tasks, sign your name in the space provided at the bottom of this letter and give it to an elder.

By signing this form, you are not voting or appointing ( elder candidate’s name here ) as an elder. You are simply stating that you are aware of nothing that would disqualify him biblically. The final decision will be made by the elder team after they receive your input and after they have thoroughly and carefully examined the candidate.

Elder appointment is not a democratic, majority-driven process. If you have any objections or concerns, please do not sign this letter. Instead, indicate in the alternate space below that you would like to be contacted so that your concerns can be addressed in private. If any member of Christ Fellowship presents a verified disqualification according to the biblical standard, the man in question cannot be considered for eldership at the present time.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this matter.


I, (please print your name) ____________________________, as a member of Christ Fellowship have carefully and prayerfully considered the above-named person in light of the biblical standard for elders. I believe that he is a suitable candidate for further examination. I know of nothing that would disqualify him.


Signed:_______________________ Date:_______ Phone #:______________




I, ___________________________ cannot sign this letter at this time because I have objections, concerns, and/or questions about specific issues which may or may not disqualify this man from eldership. Please contact me at (phone #) ___________