Heaven to Earth

Heaven to Earth

(For reading aloud)

globeWhat did it mean for the eternal Son to descend and enter into the history of men? The human brain cannot completely conceive the nature of His humility. Glory to dust, eternal to earth, all the while retaining His worth. Infinitely valuable, beauty beyond words, bowed down to be cursed, leaving heaven for dirt. A Savior for all without capability, crying out of dark futility to the One with all ability to tread down their impossible with grace that is unstoppable.

The Word became flesh like genuine leather not a cheap imitation without limitation and facing no temptation. So now He can sympathize unlike something synthesized, a likeness not synthetic but flesh and blood, genetic. To touch the holes in His wrists is to feel the very same skin that wraps your fist.

Which pounds your chest in unworthiness when you see the condescension of His earthiness. His limitless understanding applied to your weakness because he put off his strength and chose meekness, sorrow, loss, and rejection. His eyes filled with tears when grief and sadness came near, because he experienced true affection.

What wonderful love is this? One with no need of adjustment came down and learned obedience though injustice. From the bliss of the whole world in subjection to His wish, He plunges himself into the abyss, is betrayed by a kiss, to stomp down the head of the hiss, and proclaim that you are eternally His! The God-man, Emmanuel, who put on skin to save you from sin.