It Isn’t About Me

It Isn’t About Me

When you meet with the body of believers in which God by his sometimes secret design has put you, remember this great truth: it’s not about “me.”

You don’t gather mainly about you, but them. “Let all things be done for edification,” Paul said. That is, do all you do together for the building up of others. Amazingly, you will be most edified yourself if you think of the body of Christ in this way. And, it may well lead to discouragement if you focus on yourself as your priority.

Here are some people who need you in the church:

An old man who lives alone and misses “family”
A person in chronic pain
An individual very short of money
The believer who has growing fear
The woman who has never known “fellowship”
The worried sister
The believer constantly concerned about his dysfunctional family
The young person who acts out
The caregiver who is worn out
The person beaten down by doubts
Every Christian who needs to grow in Christ

Well, you see what I mean. It isn’t about you, but them. How can they be built up? Nobody may reach out to that person but you. What can you do for them? What word or action could make a difference?

Stop making your life in the body of Christ about you. It’s about them. And you’ll be amazed at how the encouragement you need will be returned to you. God designed us like this.

The world is a barren wilderness without love. You really do need each other.