Just What I Remember: My Story, Chapter 1

Just What I Remember: My Story, Chapter 1

Here is the first chapter of my life story. I plan to share ongoing chapters over the weeks ahead, as I write them. The first few are already completed, and I’m working on the rest.

We live for a reason. I would never claim to have a notable life, but we do have a notable Savior whose involvement in our lives is worth talking about. I would truly like to honor him. We believers who have a leadership calling are not just theologians or teachers or preachers or functionaries of some sort, but people who, hopefully, have seen the Lord work in our lives in ways that undergird our words. That is by grace if it is at all. Even that is peppered with inconsistencies.

I think many of us who might venture to write an autobiographical book do so principally for family and those who follow with hope that recollections from those who share their blood provide a generational rootedness in Christ. You are invited into that. Thanks for coming alongside to see one way God has chosen to work.

Here’s the first chapter: