The Man of Faith, George Muller (audio Links)

The Man of Faith, George Muller (audio Links)

Jim and Bill Elliff, John Piper and Jim Cymbala on the man of Faith, George Muller.

In this well-produced audio presentation, you will hear many of the stories of Muller and his orphanage, his disciplines and his experiences with trusting God, as well as how Muller impacted those involved on the audio itself. This was produced by Revive Our Hearts, the radio ministry of Nancy Lee DeMoss. We encourage you to listen in order to learn more about trusting God. As you know, CCW has practiced these same principles of faith for 25 years. God has not failed us yet, nor will he fail you.

 Life of Trust

The Primary Object

A Life of Faith

 Joy in God


The Life and Labors of George Muller of Bristol
By Mrs. Muller

George Muller (1805-1898) believed he had seen over 50,000 answers to prayer. Refusing to ask anyone but God alone for help, he fed, clothed and housed 10,024 orphans during his lifetime in Bristol, England. Perhaps no one in modern history has demonstrated the life of trust in God more persistently and conspicuously than this man.

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