The Muller Center for Biblical Studies

The Muller Center for Biblical Studies


Frequently asked questions:

What is the Muller Center?

The Muller Center is a teaching center emphasizing Bible-only studies in a variety of formats.

Why did we name the Center after George Muller?

George Muller (1805-1897) was a man who was used by God in a number of ways. His influence is felt even today, especially related to his views about faith and money. He fed and clothed over 10,000 orphans without asking anyone but God for the help. He trained many students all over Europe as well. He was a pastor and a missionary, traveling in his latter years to many countries of the world. Above all, he was a man of the Bible. He read the Bible four times a year for many years. Everything he did he sought to relate to God’s Word. His advice on meditation and Bible reading is legendary. We believe that his orientation to the truth in Scripture is a model of what we hope to engender in ourselves and in our students.

For an article on the life of George Muller, read what Jim Elliff wrote as an introduction to a larger work on Muller’s life. Click here.

Where is the Muller Center located?

We do not have a building for our Center, but rather use our homes to teach the Bible and to engage others in probing the Bible for themselves. For instance, students in the main Torah/Matthew course and the Historical books/Acts study, both a year long, meet once a week together in a tutor’s home for a three hour study related to their reading. Our tutors at present are located in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. We are exploring the possibility of students joining us by internet also.

Who are the tutors for the Muller Center?

Jim Elliff and Steve Burchett are the tutors at present for the Muller Center. You may find biographical information for them here (Jim Elliff) and here (Steve Burchett).

What is required of Muller Center students?

The Muller Center provides classes on the Bible in a variety of formats, some short and some longer. For instance, we may offer a one night lecture, or a four session summer book study, a two semester (but slightly less demanding) Isaiah/Romans forum without any trips included, or our main two semester studies with the study trip. For the two semester studies these are the requirements:

  • Muller students must be at least 18 years of age unless given special permission by the Center. Homeschooling students who have extra time to take one of the main forums in their senior year are also welcome under special arrangements.
  • A commitment to attend (or join in via the computer) for each session in the two semesters. This usually consists of 14 three hour sessions each semester. At present, these sessions are on Thursday afternoon from 1-4 p.m., CST.
  • A promise to take the study tour which completes each year’s work. In the Torah/Matthew forum, the trip is to Israel; in the second year OT History/Acts forum, the trip is to Greece and Turkey. Each of these trips take a little over two weeks on average. The cost for the trip is entirely covered by the student.
  • The student must obtain whatever maps, Bibles or marking pens required for the forum.
  • Willingness to devote whatever time is necessary for the study at home. In our main two semester forums, this may take as much as 20 hours a week, or more. Other forums may require reading through a small book of the Bible each day (5x/week) for several weeks in the summer.

The other types of Muller Center offerings may require the purchase of pens or maps, or other tools. Since we are committed to teaching the Bible only, textbooks other than the Bible are not necessary, except for maps.

What is the cost for becoming a Muller student?

There may be a minimal cost for supplies for any course. For the longer two semester forums, any study trips required for the class must be paid for by the students or those who wish to help them. Gifts for these trips are not tax deductible.

May I study in the Muller Center’s two semester forums if I live outside the Kansas City area?

We are hopeful of making this possible in three ways.

  • You may drive in if you are close enough for the one day per week class and the occasional “extended sessions” (usually once per semester from 1-10 or 11 p.m. on a Thursday).
  • You may move here if special arrangements can be made for you. Some of the friends of the MC are willing to house students. These special arrangements may include some room/board costs, and perhaps exchange in services. You must discuss this possibility with Steve Burchett by writing him at
  • In the future, you might be able to make arrangements with Steve Burchett to join us via your computer at the time of the forum meeting each week. If participating online, the student would be required to take the study trip in the Spring which is an extension of these studies. Write to see if this online option is currently available.

What is the typical weekly schedule for the two semester Muller Center students?

The students study the Bible on their own by reading and re-reading the Bible books assigned for each forum. Usually this requires reading about 130 chapters of Scripture each week. For instance, in our Torah/Matthew study, students read through the first five books of the Bible once every two weeks, plus reading Matthew once each week. We advise students to be prepared to spend around 20 hours of reading time each week. The students are assigned other tasks when reading, such as marking with special pens, gathering personal insights to be shared with the forum, and memorizing lists and Bible portions. The group meets together in a home for a three hour open session where the tutors train the students and engage them in discussions related to their reading.

How may I sign up or ask further questions?

Please write Steve Burchett at

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