Christian Brothers Taking Care of Us

Christian Brothers Taking Care of Us

The “innards” are being redone. We had a problem in our home with a fireplace. The repair costs close to the same price as the purchase of a new direct gas unit, so we opted for that, and planned to do some of the work to save money. It was also time to check our furnace for the year, something we don’t do that often but seemed right at this time due to some “issues.”

puttyknifeThe furnace check revealed that we needed a new one, and the 20-year-old AC unit was in the same state—barely hanging on. We swallowed hard and decided to replace them. At the same time we discovered that our hot water heater was burning yellow and was on its way out—also a twenty-year veteran. We’ve known these three items were needed very soon, but had been coasting along, fixing them a little here or there until we were ready to change them out. So, add the hot water heater to the “innards” fix.

What is beautiful, however, is the brother who is doing our work. He is a friend from another church in whom we have a great deal of trust and who will “look out for us” so that we do the right thing. He’s downstairs putting that all in now. Thankfully, as well, he was available just when we needed him.

In the fireplace change, we needed to cap off the chase outside the house, first because it seems be leaking still after attempted repairs in the past, and second because we are direct venting the other items. So, another dear believer and his Christian brother come to the rescue. We are able to hire out someone we trust with our lives to do the job. There is more to be done on the chase, including replacing many rotten boards and getting it ready for us to insulate the new fireplace. They just happen to be available when we needed them.

While they were on the roof, they discovered that the decking on our roofing done over a year ago was not nailed well in four places. We could never have seen this on the backside of our house due to our slanting backyard—a great providence that the roofer will return to take care of.

I could be complaining about all the costs involved and the inconvenience. But think about it. The work needs to be done. The bigger point is this: at a time when we are having to spend way more money than we planned and do things which we were unskilled at taking care of, God had brothers in Christ available to help us. We can have men whom we trust and know well handle what we cannot do ourselves. That is a beautiful thing about Christianity that I sincerely love.

These men work for the same boss I do!