My Best Books List for 2014

My Best Books List for 2014

bookstackIt’s always difficult to choose what books will receive my attention in a big way for the year ahead. There are dozens to choose from. Here is my list. I plan to read these books multiple times throughout the year until I know them well:

Hebrews—this book is unparalleled for its ability to grasp ancient Jewish religious practice and make it relevant for today. It not only is interpretive of the past, but shows us unparalleled descriptions of the future, including the final judgment of God and the inheritance for believers.

Genesis—this is a repeat of former years. I’m reading this with some students and seeing new insights almost daily. No book gives me the foundation for understanding the Bible like this book.

Exodus—also being read with other students of our Muller Center. Explains the failed fellowship of Israel, and points us to the new Exodus in the gospels.

Leviticus—understand OT holiness and you have new insights into NT holiness.

Numbers—wilderness wanderings tells us so much about the heart of people professing faith in God, yet who will die in unbelief.

Deuteronomy—quoted often in the NT, a recounting of vital history, built around several discourses of Moses while in the plains of Moab. Moses perceptively sees into the heart of these rebellious Jews, revealing much about man’s heart today.

2nd Corinthians—a book that unveils much about the most famous apostle of the NT, Paul. Paul defends his apostleship and gives clues about behavior expectations in the early church.

There will be others, but these top my list right now. It’s always difficult to choose from the extensive 66 books library I own.

Well, you know where I’m going. I’ll read some other books outside the Bible also, and it is important to know what the best ones are. Thanks to all of you who make lists of these, but reading carefully certain books of the Bible in this next year really must overwhelm all my other reading interests.