Take it Away

Take it Away

Christ came first to take away sin but when He comes next He will take away men—some to eternal darkness and some to life—some to healing and some to strife. What have you done with His sacrifice? Is it tucked neatly into your head like a child in her bed? A forgotten box in permanent storage labeled “someday” or “important” but nonetheless collecting dust. Have you spurned it and despised, buried the truth and set God aside—for earthy pleasure that leads to destruction? You need cosmic debt reduction!

Your sins are numbered like your hairs, the days of life like a set of stairs that you are climbing. They continue on for now until the end, when they stop, your life will end. What then? What’s next? You have no more days left. No more opportunity for repentance and sorrow, no more putting it off until tomorrow. How will you answer honestly when pressed about your coming death? Man dies once and judgment follows swiftly.

See Him hanging on the tree the Son of God for all to see and leave your sin behind you; don’t stop seeking He will find you. Came from heaven down to earth to bleed and die his mission from birth and in this truth you are well versed—yet you remain lost among the cursed, trading all of heavens worth to play in your filth—why will you die? Someday you’ll travel silent in a hearse, cry now for mercy, you need rebirth.

Christ did away with the first to establish the second. A better covenant, better blood, offering and perfection. A single offering to take away sins, sacrificing Himself and bearing wrath for women and men—resulting in His ability to put away forever that which used to be your pleasure. To remove and replace your old heart of lust, which would have been unjust, except for His perfect Son was crushed by wrath impossible to match. The fury of divine justice coming down on the Head of perfect love—standing in the place of countless sinners whom God will transform into repenters.

Could the law do this? No. Never. God has not desired sacrifices and offerings, burnt offerings and sin offerings offered according to the law, these He didn’t want at all. Sin must be put away, a mere yearly covering will in the end betray—leaving the sin, its guilt and pain, on display—reminding you iniquity remains. But Christ came to do the Father’s will, to rescue sinners His blood to spill, removing both the guilt and the stain. He takes away the heartfelt shame; worthy is the Lamb that was slain.