“So Much Better Now” Are you Sure?

“So Much Better Now” Are you Sure?

The pain has been excruciating, the hours and weeks arduous. The cost to the spouse and family who love her has been gladly expended, but jobs and daily responsibilities will necessarily decrease the hours for the daily vigil now. Added to it all of this is the treatment cost itself, sending up in smoke years of saving.

“Mother is so ill,” they say to concerned friends. “We know it will be such a relief for her when she dies.”

What? So much better when she dies? Not if she does not know Christ.

The unconverted dying loved one isn’t going to be relieved upon death. I wish it could be otherwise, but Christ made no promises for future comfort to those who die without believing in Him.

The deathbed is better than the eternal pain of hell. No hope exists beyond the point of death. Regardless of the love and mercy of God extended to your loved one for all these years, mercy will then end. The door is shut to hope forever.

I know that saying such things seems cruel, but it isn’t meant that way. It is meant to extend to you and to your loved one an urgent message that you must believe in Christ while there is opportunity. If there is breath, and ability to think, there is time.

I am not attempting to answer the difficult question concerning those who die as babies or those who die having never had mental ability. I leave these difficulty questions to God and the discussion of them to another time. But for those who passively or adamantly reject following God and Christ, physical death without having believed inevitably leads to something far worse.

Now do you believe in Christ? Most believe in the Christ of their imagination rather than the Christ of revelation. It is Jesus himself who said so much about hell for those who reject Him. Is this the Jesus you can believe in and can live for?

Christ opens the door to life widely to any who wish to come to him, but shuts the door to hell tightly behind any who die having not done so. Your dying loved one or friend will not be better unless this reality is grasped. Nor will you. May God help us all to see this before it is too late.

For more on how to believe in Christ, listen to Pursuing God, A Seeker’s Guide at www.WaytoGod.org.