The Cause Is Still As Dear

The Cause Is Still As Dear

There are a some followers of Christ who laid it all down in the battlefield. Most of them are unknown. Not all had the same opportunities. But God knows who they are. Among them was my indefatigable grandfather, A. P. Elliff, who was still teaching the Bible until he died at 93. I want to be like him. Here is a short poem to call us to that kind of life.

The Cause Is Still As Dear
Jim Elliff

The body limps ahead,
And you are not yet dead!
The bullets fly around
And yet you hold the ground!

The cause is still as dear.
The end is not yet here;
And what is left you give
For though you die, you live!

He called you for this day,
On this foul bloody clay
And for Christ’s worthy sake,
Die here, as morning breaks.

Copyright © Jim Elliff 2022