Forever, O Lord

Forever, O Lord

“Forever, O Lord, your word is settled [stands firm] in heaven.” Ps 119:89

You cannot depend on many things remaining the same. If you count on the value of your home always increasing, you’ll be disappointed. If you count on the morals of a country being like they’ve always been, don’t listen to any news programs. If you rely on the love of a friend or a spouse never failing, you may well be surprised; if you believe the bank on Main Street will be there like a rock to aid your community, then don’t look at what’s happened in other towns.

Not even WalMart will be there forever. In fact, the Bible teaches that the sun and moon and stars will one day change. Almost everything can be shaken in this present order. And, eventually, everything WILL be shaken.

There are just a few unchangeable things. Perhaps we can say that there are only two: God and His word. So if you are finally realizing that life as you know it may wash out to sea like the sand under your feet when the tide comes in, then turn your attention to these unchangeable things. Stand there.

Again, “Forever, O Lord, your word is settled [stands firm] in heaven.” Ps 119:89