What if God said:

“I give you control of these persons around you. Your attitude will be their attitude; your interest their interest; your love their love. When you look at them, you’ll discover yourself.

“You can wish that they would rise above you to inspire you, but it will not happen. They will mirror you. In fact, even those above you will be as you are. You will experience the power of your own influence.

“At home, your spouse will be no different than you, and also your children.

“You will create your own world of joy or pain, love or animosity, pride or humility, enthusiasm or sadness. They will be you in different skin.”

That’s a scary thought. But we’ve all seen its truth at least to some degree. Though it isn’t absolutely true, it is always true in some palpable measure. Sometimes it is alarmingly noticeable. We all know what it means to infect negativity into others or to fill the room with thoughtfulness, love and joy. We can do this even without words.

In each of our relationships the power of influence is being exerted. The look matters, the tone, the choice of words, the interest in others. You will add to the effectiveness of your team’s energy today, your family’s joy and your church’s depth and effectiveness. You will be an asset to their development, or a factor to be overcome. We do make a difference. We’re not an invisible molecule, but a living being that has an impact even if we try to be neutral.

God has illustrated this truth in the Body language of the New Testament, like the leg moves the foot and the arm moves the hand. We have an amazing effect on each other by His design. Today, you will illustrate that. Given the Spirit within you, the potential for ultimate good is greater than you can calculate, even if initially rejected.

Try as you will, your influence on all of us is unavoidable. Please use it with love. You are here and you make a difference. And that can be a great thing.