Upon the Gibbous Moon

Upon the Gibbous Moon

Upon the Gibbous Moon
Jim Elliff

Upon the gibbous moon
The ward was lighted, clean;
Outside were dark and gloom
And aggravated fiends.

“Now he, the boy, is born,”
They said in muffled tones,
Their face in furtive scorn
And gurgling up their moans

Sweet mother rests her head,
With evanescent smiles;
Awhile she lay in bed,
Who birthed the precious child.

The child was gently placed
Into his mother’s arms,
Though all the vicious raced
To plot the baby’s harm

And then, first signs were found
And ancient lines reviewed
The entry first put down
Was Adam, best construed!

And this was proved as true,
For lovely as he was
That sin like Adam’s grew,
His Adam heart, the cause!


So I ask you, listening friend,
Does he need a Savior King?
With impurity within,
All around those vicious fiends?
Mounds of sin; and fears of death,
Thoughts of taking his last breath,
Judgment sure and hope denied
Should he not to Jesus fly?

Copyright © Jim Elliff 2022